Thanks for stopping by my blog!

So why is my site named “Majorca”? Because I absolutely adore the Island! In fact that is a picture of Majorca in the header of the site!

On to what my site is about –

I have have all kinds of great information about building a blog, and videos and how to make your content more engaging as well as getting in found on the internet. I will try and post as much content as frequently as possible, but hey, you need to remember this is a free blog and I do have a full time job!

I really enjoy writing and have learned a lot lately about just these things. I also like making videos. In my spare time I make them for a few of my close friends to post on YouTube. I have learned how to get more people to look at my content and make viral videos. It’s a lot of fun!

In addition, I like helping people further their lives and also make more money when possible.

The internet has changed drastically over the last few years. There is so much with blogs, videos and social media.

Blogging can be done for fun, to express your thoughts as well as making money. The same goes for videos.

To start things off, I’m posting this video that gives you some great tips on what you can do with a blog – and I suggest that when you start your own blog that you use WordPress, even though my friends suggests Blogger 🙂

You can start with the free WordPress platform, but once you get more serious about your blogging you will want to get a host and a unique domain so that you can have more control over it.

So without further ado –